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Fall 2017 Challenges

Take 90 days to learn about something new, try various types of it, and decide if-and-how to include in your personal regimen!


Work and family obligations (and life-in-general) can pull us away from attending to ourselves.

At age 45+, it’s critical to reengage!

lderBeast can help with free practical advice and insipiration. And with personal coaching to help even more.


Fall 2017 HIIT Challenge: Week 3 (Sample HIIT Workouts)

Fall 2017 HIIT Challenge, Week 3! If you need to catch up, no big deal (this is a self-paced challenge during Oct-Dec this year, and you don’t need 12-13 weeks to meet its basic goals). Just click the HIIT Challenge link in the box to the left, to access the Week 1 intro to all this.

For this and other OlderBeast seasonal challenges (yoga’s the other current one), “best of the web” content is part of the rotation. I’m always looking for useful stuff, sometimes at the theory/rationale level, and a lot of times at the concrete “what-to and how-to” levels.

In that spirit, here are three HIIT-focused sources I think you’ll find useful, especially for doing things on your own vs. an instructor-led workout in person or via video (all of these are great things to try).