OlderBeast Personal Coaching – BETA

Why consider using a Health & Wellness coach? No man is an island…or at least, he shouldn’t want to be. My own motto nowadays is “I’ll take all the help I can get.”

Often, just knowing what we should do isn’t enough. Sustainable change requires seeing clearly and changing behavior thoughtfully (and sometimes getting a friendly push). OlderBeast coaching helps you make a holistic plan that fits, get momentum and address challenges, and form long-term healthy habits. The mission: support and spur you to become the intrinsically-motivated Architect of your own body-and-soul health. That’s a decades-long benefit, brother, and maybe along the way you’ll help other guys, too.

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Two-way communication is often the most time-effective way to reach a powerful “yes” or “no” on whether coaching is right for you. If you’re considering this, please (strictly confidentially) share a little information via this contact form. We’ll get right back to you to suggest a next step, which often will be a no-charge, no-obligation 15-minute phone call.

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